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all these things that i have done

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agent maine, alpha ai, amour enhancements, battle rifles, being a jackass sometimes, being a united state, being badass, being dangerously obsessive, being nice sometimes, being sane, blowing up dead bodies, caboose, church, church (not a church), churches, collecting useless shit, competence, control issues :(, dishes best served cold, failing at social protocol, files labelled "secret", flipping out on people, freelancer party!!!, fuck you director, grenades, gtfo my head epsilon, guns, halo, having lots of guns, having superpowers, i'm surrounded by idiots, killing the director, loyalty, m7 caseless submachineguns, machinima, magnum pistols, maine, mantaining my sanity, memory is the key, motherfucking ghosts, not artificial intelligence, not being backstabbed, not being crazy, not following orders, not insane, not remembering shit, not sleeping, not the counselor, not the director, not the meta, project freelancer, reconstruction, recovery beacons, recovery one, red vs blue, self-control: i has it, so very sane, spartaaaaaaa, srs bsns :|, summoning flamethrowers, tex, that's not my name, trying to be civil, tucker, unsc, vengeance, washington, washington (not the state), weaponry, wyoming
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