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PHYSICAL CONTACT // Go for it, though Wash quite likes his personal space, especially with strangers. He'll generally be uncomfortable but tolerant enough of just some light physical contact, but anyone he doesn't know well getting all up in his personal bubble would start ticking him off pretty quick. With people he considers friends he's much more loose, though still unlikely to initiate anything beyond a clap on the shoulder. Unless you're a cat. Cats get snuggles.

ROMANCE // Highly unlikely, though not entirely impossible. Definitely not something he'd ever initiate, and even if someone else did relationships are just a thing that's so far from his mind that unless it comes from someone where he already has a very solid rapport with and an attraction to, it's simply not going to go anywhere. If it is someone like that, though, well, maybe. He certainly doesn't see himself as capable of having a romantic relationship. That's not to say that he's incapable of being romantic in behavior, especially with the right partners, but it's the idea of a long-term committed relationship that he's not sure if he can really be capable of anymore.

INTIMACY & SEX // Sexual intimacy, however, is a different ballgame. Despite all his hangups about emotional intimacy, Wash is pretty comfortable when it comes to sex and would probably rather be dealing with casual no strings attached sex than with hand-holding. It's still not something he really actively seeks out, and he'll be pretty frank about turning down anyone he isn't interested in that propositions him, but when someone does catch his interest, he might even take it on himself to initiate. His social hangups are still present and some things might still be awkward, but when it comes down to the dirty its much less of an issue. Wash is bisexual, and for further details, see his kink list.

VIOLENCE & DEATH // Fights are cool, though I'd strongly prefer discussing it to work out the outcome. I don't have much problem with him being injured, though Wash is one of those guys who's pretty damn good at avoiding death. Wash is a trained and capable space marine super soldier and absolutely will not hesitate to fight back if he's threatened, so keep that in mind.

TELEPATHY, MIND CONTROL, MYSTICAL MAGICAL STUFF // Sure, though this is something that I'd want to discuss beforehand. Wash has nothing particular against magic but it also doesn't exactly exist where he's from, and he's generally uncomfortable with and distrustful of the unfamiliar. Anything that involves messing with his thoughts, though, he's very unlikely to ever give permission for, and if anyone does anything in his head without permission it'll set him off. He's likely to react violently, and it's not something he'd forgive easily, if ever. Wash has seen Some Shit in his life, and if your character's about to poke around in his head, hit me up so we can talk about exactly what's going on up in there.

SENSITIVE TOPICS // Wash suffers from PTSD, and while he wasn't directly tortured he has directly inherited first-hand memories of severe physical and emotional torture. He's mildly claustrophobic, and was imprisoned for several months. He has an aversion to medical and surgical settings.


FOURTHWALLING // Nope. Something I might be willing to discuss, but I don't have much interest in having Wash grapple with the idea of being fictional. He's got enough to worry about already.

THREADJACKING // Not if the thread's private or locked, but otherwise, go for it.

BACKTAGGING // Life happens, backtagging is great! Even if we've discussed where a thread would've gone so we can continue playing out their CR without having to wait for a thread, I'm perfectly happy to continue backtagging until it's done.


idk im lazy remind me to do this fucking shit later. cross-canon welcome and honestly preferred.