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kink list.

If something isn't listed, please feel free to just ask me. There ain't much I'm not willing to try or at least talk about trying.

Wash is bisexual, and very comfortable with casual no strings attached sex, and if given the choice would largely prefer those kinds of encounters compared to anything with Feelings attached, because emotional intimacy is weird and hard. It's not something he actively seeks out with any real regularity, but if someone catches his eye he might take it upon himself to initiate something. Might. But seriously his issues regarding emotional intimacy are pretty insane so just be ready for that if that's ever a thing.

Awkward social hangups are very much present and is likely to be awkward leading up to things, tending to be more forward with men and more awkward with women because he's a giant dork. Once it gets down to it he's by nature aggressive and has the tendency to take charge. That's not his only mode, though, just what he defaults to, and he's not incapable of going slower or gentler depending on his partner.

Wash has pretty severe control issues and wouldn't be comfortable around anything that involves him giving up too much control or anything that requires too much vulnerability out of him. Those are things he could probably be worked up to with the right person and in the right situation, but it'd require a decent amount of IC buildup and probably some solid CR for him to trust someone enough to let go a little.

This table is filled out more with IC considerations in mind than OOC ones, according to what Wash would want and enjoy. YES indicates that he's perfectly willing, though some talking might still be required, he does care a lot about communication and consent. MAYBE indicates things he might be willing to experiment with or would only be willing to do in the right circumstance and with the right person, and NO are his limits on things he simply will not do.
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aggressive partners
⇨ anal sex
⇄ awkward sex
⇄ bloodplay
body worship
collars & leashes
consensual nonconsent
⇦ crossdressing
⇨ discipline & punishment
dirty talk
⇄ edging
⇦ exhibitionism
⇄ facefucking/sitting
⇄ frottage
⇨ gags
⇄ hair pulling
hate sex
⇨ hotdogging
⇨ humiliation
⇨ impact play
⇦ inexperienced partners
⇦ magic use
⇄ multiple partners
⇄ masturbation (mutual/solo)
⇄ oral sex
orgasm control/denial
phone sex/sexting
power play
⇄ role play
rough sex
⇄ semi-public sex
sense play
⇨ sensory deprivation
sexual exhaustion
⇄ somnophilia
⇄ scratching
⇨ spanking
⇄ temperature play
⇄ toys
unresolved sexual tension
⇨ vaginal sex


⇦ anal sex
⇨ begging
⇄ drugs/alcohol/aphrodisiacs
⇨ dubcon
⇄ electricity
⇨ exhibitionism
⇨ fisting
⇦ hotdogging
⇦ pegging
⇦ telepathy
⇨ watersports
⇄ xenophilia

⇄ ageplay
⇄ bestiality
⇄ infantilism
⇄ medical play
⇄ mind control
⇄ noncon
⇄ passive partners
⇄ pregnancy
⇄ scat
⇄ sounding
⇄ underage/under 25
⇄ vomit
⇄ vore